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What are accessories made of?

  • ALL our Hats and Mitts are made with love from beautiful 100% Faux Fur (100% Acrylic)
  • ALL our linings are made from high quality cotton/polyester. We love to put uniquely chic and funky-fun linings in our hats because we feel that what's on the inside of your Mad Smooch style is just as important to what's on the outside! (Yup, you can actually reverse your hat if you feel inspired!)     

*If you'd like to know more about the faux fur or lining of a particular Hat or Mitt (than what you see on the product page), just shoot us an email!

Are any of your Hats and Mitts made with real fur?

  • Your Mad Smooch fashions are made with faux fur only.  (No animals were harmed in the making of your accessories!)

Are your Hats and Mitts Made in the USA?

  •  Our accessories are designed and  handcrafted in Cincinnati, USA.
  • Jenni Huss, founder and designer of and proud Cincinnati resident, would love to hear from you! Email: jenni@madsmooch.com

How is affiliated with "Fuzzcuzz"?

  • Mad Smooch began in 2007 as "Fuzzcuzz". We've changed our name, and elevated our designs! If you already own a "Fuzzcuzz" Hat, and you adore it, we think you'll love Mad Smooch! We still use only the highest quality faux furs and linings - You can expect the same uniquely fabulous styles...and more! (And, we've taken things up a notch.) We hope you'll be crazy about your new Mad Smooch accessories - the new styles and fit, and new products we're continually creating... including our new Mitts!

What is the size range for brand Hats and Mitts?

  • Currently, all Mad Smooch Hats are Adult S/M (Fits Most)

    Comfortable, subtle elastic in our Hats allow them it to fit in a ‘one size fits most’ fashion.  (Most ladies & teens will fit the Adult S/M Hats & Mitts.)

    *If you want to be sure you’ll be able to wear our Adult S/M (Fits Most) Hat, simply measure around your head with a tape measure (or string). Place the tape around your head about 1/8" above your ear, across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly (comfortably). *If your head is between 21 1/4" and 22 3/4", you should be able to wear the Adult S/M (Fits Most) Hat. 

  • Our Mitts fit in a ‘one size fits most’ fashion.  Most ladies & teens will fit the Adult S/M (Fits Most) Mitts.

Do you have any "Classic Fuzzcuzz" brand Hats for sale?

Yes, we do! We still have some inventory including these sizes:

  • Infant (0-8mos)
  • Baby 1-3 Years
  • Kid 3-7 years
  • Kid 7-12 years
  • (Adjustable) Kid 3-12+ years
  • Adult S/M (fits most women)

*We are working to put our "Fuzzcuzz" Kids Hats in our webstore - In the meantime, if you'd like to purchase a Kids hat, contact us! (You can also email us: info@madsmooch.com.) We will email you options to choose from and we can take your order over the phone!

Will my Hat or Mitts shed?

  • A bit of shedding is to be expected with any new faux fur item. You may experience a little shedding here and there at first, that will diminish over time (after your accessory is worn). Tip: Gently brush your faux fur occasionally to keep it looking its best - Also...and this is the fun part... "shake, shake shake"! Shake your Hat or Mitts out to keep them fluffy and get any excess fur fibers out.

How do I remove a "wrinkle'' in the faux fur?

  • Do NOT iron your faux fur! Faux fur garments can become creased/wrinkled in storage and in shipping, but no worries, "wrinkles" in your Hat or Mitts are a quick and easy fix!
  • Just wet a clean wash cloth (it can be dripping wet!) and smooth the fur with the cloth "against the grain" - meaning, against the direction of nap of the fur.
  • Brush the damp fur against the natural direction of the fur (just like you did with the wet cloth) with a clean pet brush (or something similar) to speed up the process.
  • Air dry flat or on a plastic hanger. Do NOT apply heat, of course! (If you still see a crease, wrinkle, or fold there, repeat the process one more time. (Faux fur is a lot like hair: dampening and smoothing helps a ton!)

How do I care for my faux fur wear?

    • We believe in Febreze! (Well...if you're not looking for a "clean" and you just want to make your Hat or Mitts a little "fresher", give it a light spray!)
    • Dry Cleaning is your best option if you want to get a good clean and be sure to keep the integrity of your fabulous new Hat or Mitts. (A dry cleaner you trust should be able to clean your faux fur item effectively and handle your fashions with care. Feel free to call and ask your dry cleaner about it beforehand!)
    • Spot Clean by Hand. If you don't have to totally submerge your Hat or Mitts in water, don't! Just spot-clean your item (inside and/or outside) with a cloth and just a wee bit of mild detergent. Gently comb the wet section out, let air dry and brush the cleaned section back to "normal" once dry!
      • Hand Wash in Cold Water with Mild Detergent
      • Gently hand wash in cold water (submerge in a bucket with cold water, very mild detergent, and a little fabric softener.)
      • After washing, shake it to fluff up the faux fur and help remove any additional excess water. Pull your Hat (or Mitts) back into its original shape and dimensions. (Do this carefully so you don't damage your accessory!)
      • Hang your item on a plastic hanger or lay it flat. (Try to get all the excess water removed before you hang your Hat or Mitts. This way, the weight of the water will not pull your accessory out of shape.) Choose a site that's well ventilated for air drying. (You may want to put it outside or add a fan to speed the drying process.)
      • Gently brush your Hat or Mitts before you dry them. Once they're dry, feel free to gently brush again! Shake, shake, shake! (You're all set!)
        • Machine Wash in Cold on Delicate Cycle
        • Choose a gentle washing detergent designed for hand-washing and add a good quality fabric conditioner, if you have it, to help fluff up your faux fur fibers.
        • Wash in Cold on "delicate" (or the cycle with the least amount of agitation and spin).
        • Shake your Hat or Mitts out and hang it on a coat hanger to air dry.
        • Use a wide toothed comb or brush to separate and smooth your faux fur - do this gently - brush your accessory to beautiful!
        • We've successfully "fluff" dried our Hats in the dryer - no heat. (Mad Smoochers have told us they've done this as well!) We recommend that when you "fluff" dry, simply keep an eye on your accessory - keep checking on it - since the dryer can aggravate faux fur. (Also feel free to take your Hat or Mitts out and very gently brush them a little mid-way through.)
          • Rain or Snow on your Hat or Mitts? Yup! That may happen a lot! Just do what you'd do after washing (read bullet points above). Let your item air day & gently brush it to give it some love and bring it back to life!
          • Hat in an outdoor hot tub? Er...well...We've tried this... Verdict: You'll wanna have 2 Hats! (One to keep only for use in the hot tub & one to wear normally!) Warm water will ruin the integrity of the faux fur...Your once-awesome-hot-tub-winter-wear will very quickly become a drowned-rat-hat!

          Do you do custom orders?

          • We don't currently do custom orders, however... we absolutely love and want your input on new products and suggestions! Please email us - we appreciate it! Many of your suggestions we take to heart and implement! (For example, our new Purple Wolf "Ears" Hat came from a request from a repeat customer who really wanted an Adult-sized purple hat! She was right - we didn't know we really wanted it too... til we made one!)

            How do I become a Mad Smoocher?

            • Easy! Just own a Mad Smooch accessory! (And/or own a "Fuzzcuzz"!)
            • We'd love for you to show us your Mad Smooch! Email us a pic & we may post it right here on our site! (And/or share a pic with us on our Facebook page @madsmooch!)


            • US Postal Priority Mail and UPS Ground are our primary shipping methods. Your Mad Smooch accessory will be shipped within 5-7 business days. (Please order early during the holiday season to avoid delays!)
            • We ship Mad Smooch with love! We make sure our packaging is secure and water resistant. Orders $0-$99 are a low flat rat rate. FREE Shipping on orders over $100!
            • We wanna help make your holiday shopping easier! We offer a convenient gift-giving option:  We can ship directly to your recipient along with a personal note at no additional charge.

            Not finding an answer to your question? Contact Us! (You can also email us: info@madsmooch.com.) We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

             *2017 Mad Smooch photographer: Terry Armor.

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