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Story of Mad Smooch

is so much more than faux fur accessories...it's a way of life!

Well, that's certainly how we see it here at Mad Smooch Headquarters...

Hi, I'm Jenni Huss, and I am proud to be the Pioneer Mad Smoocher! I love designing and creating fun and unique accessories, and Mad Smooch is handcrafted with love in the U.S.A. for the free-spirited, like you!

I "officially" started Mad Smooch (originally "Fuzzcuzz") in 2007, with a ton of passion. I am so thankful for my fabulous Mad Smooch R&D Team  (you all know who you are and how much you're appreciated!) I admit, until circa 2006, I never would have imagined the adventure I was about to begin!

How it all started...

It was a cold, dark night...(well, it was November in the midwest!). I think it was the year 2002ish (or earlier), the week after Halloween, and I walked into a strip mall pop-up costume shop that was just about to pack up and close.  Most of the racks were quite sparse, but my eye caught a sad lonely hat that I guessed was, maybe, part of a wolf costume? Well, ok... I wasn't sure which animal this hat was supposed to represent - it was just a simple gray faux fur hat with "ears", and I decided to buy it.

I never thought I was a "hat person" prior to this, but I found myself wearing this shabby gray faux fur hat constantly...and I mean constantly...for years. I had been a professional singer/musician locally in Cincinnati for over 2 decades, as well as a radio DJ, so in my lines of work, I was always out and about at various bar/restaurants, parties, and events around town. Everywhere I went, the hat was a conversation piece - folks of every age would come right up to me and ask about the hat (even at the grocery store). I felt like the hat introduced me to a lot of interesting, fun folks. (As a bonus, if I was feeling unusually shy that day, the hat seemed to bring me out my shell.)

This faux fur hat became the most-prized item in my closet (even beating out all the fun costume jewelry I adored!)  I actually HOPED for cool weather in Ohio so I could have an excuse to wear it! I loved this stupid hat so much, I became very fearful I'd lose it... Then what would I do?

Well, I figured I'd buy another hat just like it to have juuuuust in case something were to happen to my prized wolf-dog-cat-fox-whatever-the-hec-it-was-supposed-to-be hat! So...in winter 2006, I began Googling...and I couldn't find the hat or even a similar one anywhere...including from the costume company on the hat's tag! I even called the company...Nope, no dice.

Desperate, I bought my very first sewing machine...and bought some fur... and I knew right then that I wanted to make fun accessories and spread the joy to whoever loved 'em as much as I did! 

I created my first hat. Vastly different from the Halloween hat I'd adorned for so long, but I liked it! And I kept tweaking so I could, one day, be able to share my hats with YOU!

And that was that. was born.

In my adventure with faux fur fun, I have been and continue to be, the luckiest gal ever. I have connected over time with the very best people to help with sewing my creations with topnotch industrial machines that can handle every kind of faux fur I throw at them. I am surrounded by friends and family - the amazing Mad Smooch R&D Team, and I thank everyone so much for keeping me inspired!

I am always wanting to know your thoughts and ideas, so please email me at jenni@madsmooch.com.  I would absolutely love to have you on the Mad Smooch R&D Team!

Mad Smooches (xoxoxo),


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